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Natural Sweetener with Stevia
Since we do not like to compromise on quality we have long looked for a natural sweetener that can offer the best flavor. We found ERYLITEStevia the best alternative to sugar and the best friend of your health.

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What is ERYLITEStevia?

Natural Sweetener

90 x 1g packs
Natural Sweetener
ERYLITE Stevia - for cooking

4 x 25g packs
ERYLITEStevia is innovative natural sweetener, based on natural ingredients. It has been developed as a unique blend of the natural sweetener ERYLITE and a rich Stevia plant extract.
ERYLITE is a trade name of the Swiss company Jungbunzlauer for natural sweetener Erytritol. Erythritol is very well known to the human body. It is found in natural foods honey, soy sauce, grapes, melon.
Stevia also known by the name sweet leaf is a plant of Paraguay where the native Indians Guarani knew its properties and used its leaves as a natural sweetener for centuries. It is characterized by intense and sweet taste and the extract from its leaves is about 300 times sweeter than sugar. However, Stevia contains no calories.

Why ERYLITEStevia?

ERYLITEStevia combines the unique benefits of these two natural sweeteners in one crystal.
ERYLITEStevia does not affect blood sugar level an does not damage teeth. ERYLITEStevia has good digestive tolerance and offers taste sensation that is very similar to ordinary sugar with no residual aftertaste.

Key benefits of ERYLITEStevia
- 0 calories
- 0 glycemic index
- suitable for diabetics
- tooth friendly
- sugar like taste
- no aftertaste
- no additives and masking agents
- suitable for everyday use
- premium class natural sweetener with guaranteed origin
- 1.0 ERYLITEStevia = 4.0 g sugar

If you are one of those who think much of their shape, take care of their health and are particularly responsible for what they consume, ERYLITEStevia is your new favorite product.

Taste it!

ERYLITEStevia is used with the permission of Jungbunzlauer Int. AG., Bazel, Switzerland.